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Latest Portfolio
No. Scheme Fund Date Portfolio
1PineBridge World Gold Fund - StandardPineBridge MF30-APR-13view
2Peerless Equity FundPeerless MF30-APR-13view
3Principal Smart Equity FundPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
4Principal Growth FundPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
5Principal Global Opportunities FundPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
6Principal Emerging Bluechip FundPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
7Principal Dividend Yield FundPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
8Principal Retail Equity Savings FundPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
9Principal Personal Tax SaverPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
10PineBridge Infrastructure And Economic Reform Fund - StandardPineBridge MF30-APR-13view
11Principal Large Cap FundPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
12Pramerica Equity FundPramerica MF30-APR-13view
13PineBridge India Equity Fund - StandardPineBridge MF30-APR-13view
14Principal Index FundPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
15Principal Tax Savings FundPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
16Principal Bank CD Fund - RegularPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
17Principal Cash Management FundPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
18Principal Debt Opportunities Fund - Conservative PlanPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
19Principal Debt Opportunities Fund - Corporate Bond PlanPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
20Principal Debt Savings Fund - Monthly Income PlanPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
21Principal Debt Savings Fund - Retail PlanPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
22Principal Government Securities FundPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
23Principal Income Fund - Long Term PlanPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
24Principal Income Fund - Short Term PlanPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
25Pramerica Ultra Short Term Bond FundPramerica MF30-APR-13view
26Pramerica Treasury Advantage FundPramerica MF30-APR-13view
27Pramerica Short Term Income FundPramerica MF30-APR-13view
28Pramerica Short Term Floating Rate FundPramerica MF30-APR-13view
29Pramerica Liquid FundPramerica MF30-APR-13view
30Pramerica Fixed Duration Fund - Series 5 - Regular PlanPramerica MF30-APR-13view
31Pramerica Fixed Duration Fund - Series 13 - Regular PlanPramerica MF30-APR-13view
32Pramerica Dynamic Monthly Income FundPramerica MF30-APR-13view
33Principal Retail Money Manager FundPrincipal MF30-APR-13view
34Principal PNB FMP - Series B1Principal MF30-APR-13view
35Pramerica Dynamic Bond FundPramerica MF30-APR-13view
36Pramerica Credit Opportunities FundPramerica MF30-APR-13view
37PineBridge Short Term Fund - RetailPineBridge MF30-APR-13view
38PineBridge Quarterly Interval Fund - Series - II - StandardPineBridge MF30-APR-13view
39PineBridge India Treasury Fund - RetailPineBridge MF30-APR-13view
40PineBridge Quarterly Interval Fund - Series - I - StandardPineBridge MF30-APR-13view
41PineBridge India Liquid Fund - RetailPineBridge MF30-APR-13view
42Peerless Fixed Maturity Plan - Series 1 - Regular PlanPeerless MF30-APR-13view
43Peerless Flexible Income FundPeerless MF30-APR-13view
44Peerless Income Plus FundPeerless MF30-APR-13view
45Peerless Liquid Fund - RetailPeerless MF30-APR-13view
46Peerless MF Child PlanPeerless MF30-APR-13view
47Peerless Short Term FundPeerless MF30-APR-13view
48Peerless Ultra Short Term Fund - RetailPeerless MF30-APR-13view
49Pramerica Dynamic FundPramerica MF30-APR-13view
50Principal Balanced FundPrincipal MF30-APR-13view

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