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PGIM India Mutual Fund
CIO :Ravi Gopalakrishnan
Address:2nd Floor, Nirlon House, Dr. Annie Besant Road,Worli, Mumbai - 400030
Phone:91 22 61593000    
Fax : 91 22 61593100
E-mail: [email protected]
: https://www.pgimindiamf.com
Fund Family Total Schemes:40
No. OBJ. Scheme NAV Date NAV Returns % Date** Total Assets*
Fund manager
1 Yr Inceptn
1Equity-DiversifiedDWS Alpha Equity Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1376.7800N.A0N.AN.A NA
2Equity-DiversifiedDWS Alpha Equity Fund - Regular21-JUN-1376.400013.6721.7931-MAY-13647.55 NA
3Equity-DiversifiedDWS Investment Opportunity Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1336.0500N.A0N.AN.A NA
4Equity-DiversifiedDWS Investment Opportunity Fund - Regular21-JUN-1335.880014.1914.7331-MAY-13568.47 NA
5FOFDWS Global Agribusiness Offshore Fund - Regular Plan21-JUN-1314.960013.9414.5131-MAY-131250.41 NA
6FOFDWS Global Thematic Offshore Fund21-JUN-1310.970018.211.3131-MAY-1359.29 NA
7FOFDWS Global Thematic Offshore Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1311.0400N.A1.28N.AN.A NA
8GiltDWS Gilt Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1313.6900N.A0N.AN.A NA
9GiltDWS Gilt Fund - Regular21-JUN-1313.670013.867.0531-MAY-1315722.64 NA
10IncomeDWS Premier Bond Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1320.0600N.A0N.AN.A NA
11IncomeDWS Premier Bond Fund - Regular Plan21-JUN-1319.970010.237.131-MAY-1312402.22 NA
12IncomeDWS Ultra Short Term Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1314.2100N.A.71N.AN.A NA
13IncomeDWS Ultra Short Term Fund - Institutional21-JUN-1314.20009.37.35N.AN.A NA
14IncomePramerica Dynamic Bond Fund21-JUN-131147.510010.11030-APR-13996.20 NA
15IncomePramerica Dynamic Bond Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-131150.2000N.A0N.AN.A NA
16LiquidDWS Insta Cash Plus Fund - Direct Plan23-JUN-13155.4900N.A.74N.AN.A NA
17LiquidDWS Insta Cash Plus Fund - Super Institutional23-JUN-13155.40008.957.92N.AN.A NA
18MIPDWS Twin Advantage Fund21-JUN-1319.11005.423.4731-MAY-1381.03 NA
19MIPDWS Twin Advantage Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1319.2000N.A0N.AN.A NA
20DHFL Pramerica Global Agribusiness Offshore Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
21DHFL Pramerica Tax Savings Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
22DHFL Pramerica Tax Savings Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
23DWS Arbitrage Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
24DWS Arbitrage Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
25PGIM India Balanced Advantage Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
26PGIM India Balanced Advantage Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
27PGIM India Credit Risk Fund - Segregated Portfolio 1 - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
28PGIM India Credit Risk Fund - Segregated Portfolio 1 - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
29PGIM India Global Select Real Estate Securities Fund of Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
30PGIM India Global Select Real Estate Securities Fund of Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
31PGIM India Money Market Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
32PGIM India Money Market Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
33PGIM India Overnight Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
34PGIM India Overnight Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
35PGIM India Small Cap Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
36PGIM India Small Cap Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
37Pramerica Diversified Equity Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
38Pramerica Diversified Equity Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
39Pramerica Midcap Opportunities Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
40Pramerica Midcap Opportunities Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
* - In Rs mn
** - Date of total assets
New Schemes
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