31 March, 2023 10:00 IST
Tata Mutual Fund
CIO :Ritesh Jain
Address:9th Floor, Mafatlal Centre, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400 021
Phone:91 22 66578282    
Fax : 91 22 22042701
E-mail: [email protected]
: http://www.tatamutualfund.com
Fund Family Total Schemes:98
No. OBJ. Scheme NAV Date NAV Returns % Date** Total Assets*
Fund manager
1 Yr Inceptn
1Arbitrage FundTata Arbitrage Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2211.88004.475.79N.AN.A NA
2Arbitrage FundTata Arbitrage Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2211.60003.674.9930-NOV-21116883.08 NA
3Arbitrage FundTata Equity Savings Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2245.660012.178.64N.AN.A NA
4Arbitrage FundTata Equity Savings Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2241.6200N.AN.A30-NOV-211282.78 NA
5BalancedTata Balanced Advantage Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2215.5100N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
6BalancedTata Balanced Advantage Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2214.7200N.AN.A30-NOV-2139915.07 NA
7BalancedTata Hybrid Equity Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-22336.090026.2114.47N.AN.A NA
8BalancedTata Hybrid Equity Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-22309.5500N.AN.A30-NOV-2132983.85 NA
9BalancedTata Young Citizens Fund (> 3 Years upto 7 Years) - Direct Plan11-MAY-1828.2500N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
10BalancedTata Young Citizens Fund (Upto 3 Years) - Direct Plan11-MAY-1828.2500N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
11BalancedTata Young Citizens Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2246.940033.0714.63N.AN.A NA
12BalancedTata Young Citizens Fund - Plan A10-JAN-2243.0800N.AN.A30-NOV-212689.47 NA
13ETFTata Nifty Exchange Traded Fund10-JAN-22186.070026.6419.7630-NOV-213706.90 NA
14ETFTata Nifty Private Bank Exchange Traded Fund10-JAN-22196.660010.1511.6330-NOV-21140.05 NA
15Equity-DiversifiedTata Business Cycle Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2210.9200N.A9.34N.AN.A NA
16Equity-DiversifiedTata Business Cycle Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2210.8400N.A8.5530-NOV-219176.89 NA
17Equity-DiversifiedTata Dividend Yield Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2211.7100N.A16.6N.AN.A NA
18Equity-DiversifiedTata Dividend Yield Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2211.5700N.A15.2630-NOV-216113.53 NA
19Equity-DiversifiedTata Equity P/E Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-22222.200028.2617.52N.AN.A NA
20Equity-DiversifiedTata Equity P/E Fund - Plan A10-JAN-22204.3500N.AN.A30-NOV-2150006.36 NA
21Equity-DiversifiedTata Ethical Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-22325.700041.1317.71N.AN.A NA
22Equity-DiversifiedTata Ethical Fund - Plan A10-JAN-22297.9500N.AN.A30-NOV-2111260.20 NA
23Equity-DiversifiedTata Focused Equity Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2216.170035.5425.79N.AN.A NA
24Equity-DiversifiedTata Focused Equity Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2215.550033.3123.4630-NOV-2111785.47 NA
25Equity-DiversifiedTata India Consumer Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2229.950027.6819.83N.AN.A NA
26Equity-DiversifiedTata India Consumer Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2227.230025.9717.9530-NOV-2113351.49 NA
27Equity-DiversifiedTata Large Cap Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-22379.640033.0414.87N.AN.A NA
28Equity-DiversifiedTata Large Cap Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-22342.9500N.AN.A30-NOV-2110744.34 NA
29Equity-DiversifiedTata Large and Mid Cap Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-22367.300030.4117.03N.AN.A NA
30Equity-DiversifiedTata Large and Mid Cap Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-22334.8900N.AN.A30-NOV-2126802.39 NA
31Equity-DiversifiedTata Mid Cap Growth Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-22273.850037.5120.91N.AN.A NA
32Equity-DiversifiedTata Mid Cap Growth Fund - Plan A10-JAN-22251.3900N.AN.A30-NOV-2114555.72 NA
33Equity-DiversifiedTata Multi Asset Opportunities Fund - Direct Plan31-DEC-2115.9000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
34Equity-DiversifiedTata Multi Asset Opportunities Fund - Regular Plan31-DEC-2115.3700N.AN.A30-NOV-2111596.27 NA
35Equity-DiversifiedTata Multicap Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2217.750027.6118.8N.AN.A NA
36Equity-DiversifiedTata Multicap Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2216.740025.8616.7330-NOV-2121301.02 NA
37Equity-DiversifiedTata Quant Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2211.000016.014.94N.AN.A NA
38Equity-DiversifiedTata Quant Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2210.640014.363.230-NOV-21516.87 NA
39Equity-DiversifiedTata Resources and Energy Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2232.990046.3921.8N.AN.A NA
40Equity-DiversifiedTata Resources and Energy Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2229.760044.0119.7430-NOV-211522.80 NA
41Equity-DiversifiedTata Retirement Savings Fund - Moderate Plan10-JAN-2244.7100N.AN.A30-NOV-2115910.59 NA
42Equity-DiversifiedTata Retirement Savings Fund - Moderate Plan - Direct Plan10-JAN-2250.650021.3317.38N.AN.A NA
43Equity-DiversifiedTata Retirement Savings Fund - Progresive Plan10-JAN-2245.0800N.AN.A30-NOV-2112108.61 NA
44Equity-DiversifiedTata Retirement Savings Fund - Progresive Plan - Direct Plan10-JAN-2251.940024.2317.58N.AN.A NA
45Equity-DiversifiedTata Small Cap Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2223.990071.4531.82N.AN.A NA
46Equity-DiversifiedTata Small Cap Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2222.600068.4129.3530-NOV-2117653.80 NA
47Equity-ELSSTata India Tax Savings Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2231.820031.6117.34N.AN.A NA
48Equity-ELSSTata India Tax Savings Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-22157.1400N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
49Equity-ELSSTata India Tax Savings Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2279.2300N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
50Equity-ELSSTata India Tax Savings Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2228.9500N.AN.A30-NOV-2128888.77 NA
51Equity-IndexTata Index Fund - Nifty Plan - A10-JAN-22109.4100N.AN.A30-NOV-212081.62 NA
52Equity-IndexTata Index Fund - Nifty Plan - Direct Plan10-JAN-22117.260026.3114.1N.AN.A NA
53Equity-IndexTata Index Fund - Sensex Plan - A10-JAN-22148.0700N.AN.A30-NOV-211047.13 NA
54Equity-IndexTata Index Fund - Sensex Plan - Direct Plan10-JAN-22155.020023.7413.96N.AN.A NA
55GiltTata Gilt Retirement Series Feb 2510-JAN-2228.4900N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
56GiltTata Gilt Securities Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2267.6500.818.45N.AN.A NA
57GiltTata Gilt Securities Fund - Plan A10-JAN-2262.5300N.AN.A30-NOV-211978.66 NA
58IncomeTata Banking and PSU Debt Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2211.75003.417.39N.AN.A NA
59IncomeTata Banking and PSU Debt Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2211.62002.916.8430-NOV-214459.80 NA
60IncomeTata Corporate Bond Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2210.0100N.A.02N.AN.A NA
61IncomeTata Corporate Bond Fund - Direct Plan - Segregated Portfolio 110-JAN-22431.0000114.4123.21N.AN.A NA
62IncomeTata Corporate Bond Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2210.0000N.A-.04N.AN.A NA
63IncomeTata Corporate Bond Fund - Regular Plan - Segregated Portfolio 110-JAN-22413.4400114.4123.2130-NOV-21117.45 NA
64IncomeTata Floating Rate Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2210.1800N.A1.79N.AN.A NA
65IncomeTata Floating Rate Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2210.1600N.A1.5530-NOV-215387.60 NA
66IncomeTata Short Term Bond Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2241.85003.177.8N.AN.A NA
67IncomeTata Short Term Bond Fund - Plan A10-JAN-2238.9300N.AN.A30-NOV-2131030.06 NA
68IncomeTata Treasury Advantage Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-223218.75003.817.17N.AN.A NA
69IncomeTata Treasury Advantage Fund - Direct Plan - Segregated Portfolio 110-JAN-2279.6600151.8823.21N.AN.A NA
70IncomeTata Treasury Advantage Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-223166.6900N.AN.A30-NOV-2126944.47 NA
71IncomeTata Treasury Advantage Fund - Regular Plan - Segregated Portfolio 110-JAN-2278.7900151.8823.2130-NOV-21146.43 NA
72IncomeTata Ultra Short Term Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2211.79003.95.71N.AN.A NA
73IncomeTata Ultra Short Term Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2211.55003.14.9630-NOV-2110306.31 NA
74LiquidTata Liquid Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-223333.60003.377.02N.AN.A NA
75LiquidTata Liquid Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-223307.2100N.AN.A30-NOV-21128167.04 NA
76LiquidTata Money Market Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-223786.71004.156.63N.AN.A NA
77LiquidTata Money Market Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-223750.0400N.AN.A30-NOV-2180722.75 NA
78LiquidTata Overnight Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-221113.15003.213.9N.AN.A NA
79LiquidTata Overnight Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-221109.89003.13.7930-NOV-2114356.87 NA
80MIPTata Retirement Savings Fund - Conservative Plan10-JAN-2225.2200N.AN.A30-NOV-211874.81 NA
81MIPTata Retirement Savings Fund - Conservative Plan - Direct Plan10-JAN-2228.32008.3710.94N.AN.A NA
82Sectoral-Financial ServicesTata Banking and Financial Services Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2228.980016.6619.17N.AN.A NA
83Sectoral-Financial ServicesTata Banking and Financial Services Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2226.270014.8417.2530-NOV-218295.55 NA
84Sectoral-InfrastructureTata Infrastructure Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-22101.160051.6114.47N.AN.A NA
85Sectoral-InfrastructureTata Infrastructure Fund - Plan A10-JAN-2296.1200N.AN.A30-NOV-217658.55 NA
86Sectoral-PharmaTata India Pharma and Healthcare Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2219.590016.6111.71N.AN.A NA
87Sectoral-PharmaTata India Pharma and Healthcare Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2217.750014.869.9130-NOV-215675.59 NA
88Sectoral-TMTTata Digital India Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2244.570065.328.07N.AN.A NA
89Sectoral-TMTTata Digital India Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2240.250062.6525.9330-NOV-2141947.17 NA
90Tata Crisil IBX Gilt Index April 2026 Index Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
91Tata Crisil IBX Gilt Index April 2026 Index Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
92Tata Housing Opportunities Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
93Tata Housing Opportunities Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
94Tata Nifty India Digital ETF Fund of Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
95Tata Nifty India Digital ETF Fund of Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
96Tata Nifty India Digital Exchange Traded FundN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
97Tata Nifty SDL Plus AAA PSU Bond Dec 2027 60:40 Index Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
98Tata Nifty SDL Plus AAA PSU Bond Dec 2027 60:40 Index Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
* - In Rs mn
** - Date of total assets
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