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Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund
CIO :R Krishnan
Address:203; 2nd Floor; Peninsula Tower; Peninsula Corporate Park;Ganpatrao Kadam Marg; Lower Parel; Mumbai - 400 013
Phone:91 22 5638 4444    
Fax : 91 22 5638 4455

: http://assetmanagement.kotak.com/kmwebsite/
Fund Family Total Schemes:98
No. OBJ. Scheme NAV Date NAV Returns % Date** Total Assets*
Fund manager
1 Yr Inceptn
1Arbitrage FundKotak Equity Arbitrage Fund21-JUN-1317.69009.097.6431-MAY-134318.33 NA
2Arbitrage FundKotak Equity Arbitrage Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1317.7200N.A.53N.AN.A NA
3BalancedKotak Balance21-JUN-1318.280010.4313.6330-APR-131042.56 NA
4ETFKOTAK PSU BANK ETF21-JUN-13289.2900-16.66-1.3631-MAY-1395.22 NA
5ETFKOTAK SENSEX ETF21-JUN-13189.79007.894.6231-MAY-1360.38 NA
6ETFKotak Gold ETF21-JUN-132547.4700-12.1119.7530-APR-1311524.05 NA
7Equity-DiversifiedKotak 5021-JUN-1329.1600N.AN.A31-DEC-02391.26 NA
8Equity-DiversifiedKotak 5021-JUN-13105.640012.0417.6931-MAY-137221.33 NA
9Equity-DiversifiedKotak 50 - Direct Plan21-JUN-13105.9500N.A0N.AN.A NA
10Equity-DiversifiedKotak Classic Equity21-JUN-1322.400010.3510.1931-MAY-13755.03 NA
11Equity-DiversifiedKotak Classic Equity - Direct Plan21-JUN-1322.4500N.A0N.AN.A NA
12Equity-DiversifiedKotak Emerging Equity Scheme21-JUN-1311.73007.552.5931-MAY-131046.07 NA
13Equity-DiversifiedKotak Emerging Equity Scheme - Direct Plan21-JUN-1311.7600N.A0N.AN.A NA
14Equity-DiversifiedKotak Global Emerging Market Fund21-JUN-1312.220015.92.131-MAY-13577.27 NA
15Equity-DiversifiedKotak Mid-Cap Fund21-JUN-1325.83007.1411.9731-MAY-132594.36 NA
16Equity-DiversifiedKotak Mid-Cap Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1325.9300N.A0N.AN.A NA
17Equity-DiversifiedKotak Opportunities Fund21-JUN-1346.790010.6419.231-MAY-136185.11 NA
18Equity-DiversifiedKotak Opportunities Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1346.9200N.A0N.AN.A NA
19Equity-DiversifiedKotak Select Focus Fund21-JUN-1312.370011.965.831-MAY-133254.21 NA
20Equity-DiversifiedKotak Select Focus Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1312.4200N.A0N.AN.A NA
21Equity-ELSSKotak Tax Saver Scheme21-JUN-1317.65003.57.7731-MAY-133626.64 NA
22Equity-ELSSKotak Tax Saver Scheme - Direct Plan21-JUN-1317.9100N.A0N.AN.A NA
23FOFKotak Equity FOF21-JUN-1336.09009.7115.5431-MAY-13227.55 NA
24FOFKotak Equity FOF - Direct Plan21-JUN-1336.1400N.A0N.AN.A NA
25FOFKotak Global Emerging Market Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1312.2400N.A0N.AN.A NA
26FOFKotak Gold Fund21-JUN-1312.2000-12.539.2830-APR-134738.47 NA
27FOFKotak Gold Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1312.2200N.A0N.AN.A NA
28GiltKotak Gilt Investment P F and Trust Plan21-JUN-1343.730013.427.631-DEC-127572.84 NA
29GiltKotak Gilt Investment P F and Trust Plan - Direct Plan21-JUN-1343.8800N.A0N.AN.A NA
30GiltKotak Gilt Investment Plan21-JUN-1342.840013.439.830-APR-139748.93 NA
31GiltKotak Gilt Investment Plan - Direct Plan21-JUN-1342.9900N.A0N.AN.A NA
32GiltKotak Gilt Savings Plan21-JUN-1326.35007.666.9230-APR-13566.44 NA
33GiltKotak Gilt Savings Plan - Direct Plan21-JUN-1326.3700N.A0N.AN.A NA
34IncomeKotak Bond - Plan A21-JUN-1335.340012.229.7530-APR-1365932.90 NA
35IncomeKotak Bond - Plan A - Direct Plan21-JUN-1335.4500N.A0N.AN.A NA
36IncomeKotak Bond Short Term Plan21-JUN-1322.700010.417.6230-APR-1320054.28 NA
37IncomeKotak Bond Short Term Plan - Direct Plan21-JUN-1322.7600N.A.14N.AN.A NA
38IncomeKotak Flexi Debt - Plan A21-JUN-1314.81009.468.0531-OCT-1219656.52 NA
39IncomeKotak Flexi Debt - Plan A - Direct Plan21-JUN-1314.8300N.A.43N.AN.A NA
40IncomeKotak Floater Long Term21-JUN-1319.08009.477.5630-APR-1344673.13 NA
41IncomeKotak Floater Long Term - Direct Plan21-JUN-1319.1000N.A.49N.AN.A NA
42IncomeKotak Floater Short Term23-JUN-131960.27009.08730-APR-1335883.54 NA
43IncomeKotak Floater Short Term - Direct Plan23-JUN-131960.7400N.A.51N.AN.A NA
44IncomeKotak Income Opportunities Fund21-JUN-1312.81009.918.1830-APR-133961.10 NA
45IncomeKotak Income Opportunities Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1312.8300N.A0N.AN.A NA
46IncomePineBridge India Treasury Fund - Standard21-JUN-131578.150010.568.24N.AN.A NA
47IncomePineBridge Short Term Fund - Standard21-JUN-131449.08009.287.25N.AN.A NA
48LiquidKotak Liquid - Plan A23-JUN-132426.930097.1531-DEC-1239739.20 NA
49LiquidKotak Liquid - Plan A - Direct Plan23-JUN-132427.4900N.A.52N.AN.A NA
50MIPKotak Monthly Income Plan21-JUN-1318.690011.36.7330-APR-131269.83 NA
51MIPKotak Monthly Income Plan - Direct Plan21-JUN-1318.7500N.A0N.AN.A NA
52Sectoral-InfrastructurePineBridge Infrastructure And Economic Reform Fund - Standard21-JUN-137.7800-1.99-4.8330-APR-13775.76 NA
53Kotak BalanceN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
54Kotak Balance - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
55Kotak Balanced Advantage Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
56Kotak Balanced Advantage Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
57Kotak ESG Opportunities Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
58Kotak ESG Opportunities Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
59Kotak Equity Savings Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
60Kotak Equity Savings Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
61Kotak FMP Series 292 - 1735 Days - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
62Kotak FMP Series 292 - 1735 Days - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
63Kotak Floating Rate Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
64Kotak Floating Rate Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
65Kotak Focused Equity Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
66Kotak Focused Equity Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
67Kotak Global Innovation Fund of Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
68Kotak Global Innovation Fund of Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
69Kotak IT ETFN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
70Kotak International REIT FOF - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
71Kotak International REIT FOF - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
72Kotak Manufacture in India Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
73Kotak Manufacture in India Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
74Kotak Medium Term Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
75Kotak Medium Term Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
76Kotak Midcap 50 ETFN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
77Kotak Multicap Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
78Kotak Multicap Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
79Kotak NASDAQ 100 Fund of Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
80Kotak NASDAQ 100 Fund of Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
81Kotak Nifty 100 Low Vol 30 ETFN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
82Kotak Nifty 50 Index Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
83Kotak Nifty 50 Index Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
84Kotak Nifty Alpha 50 ETFN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
85Kotak Nifty ETFN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
86Kotak Nifty Next 50 Index Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
87Kotak Nifty Next 50 Index Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
88Kotak Nifty SDL Apr 2027 Top 12 Equal Weight Index Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
89Kotak Nifty SDL Apr 2027 Top 12 Equal Weight Index Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
90Kotak Nifty SDL Apr 2032 Top 12 Equal Weight Index Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
91Kotak Nifty SDL Apr 2032 Top 12 Equal Weight Index Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
92Kotak Overnight Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
93Kotak Overnight Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
94Kotak Pioneer Fund - Direct PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
95Kotak Pioneer Fund - Regular PlanN.A0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
9621-JUN-137.7900N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
9721-JUN-131581.7200N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
9821-JUN-131451.8700N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
* - In Rs mn
** - Date of total assets
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