28 November, 2023 15:53 IST
BOI AXA Mutual Fund
CIO :David Pezarkar
Address:51, 5th Floor, Kalpataru Synergy, Vakola, Santacruz (E), Mumbai - 400055
Phone:91 22 40479000    
Fax : 91 22 40479001

: http://www.boiaxa-im.com/
Fund Family Total Schemes:37
No. OBJ. Scheme NAV Date NAV Returns % Date** Total Assets*
Fund manager
1 Yr Inceptn
1Arbitrage FundBOI AXA Arbitrage Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2211.70002.754.45N.AN.A NA
2Arbitrage FundBOI AXA Arbitrage Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2211.43002.183.7730-NOV-21166.17 NA
3BalancedBOI AXA Balanced Advantage Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2217.41008.067.3N.AN.A NA
4BalancedBOI AXA Balanced Advantage Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2216.69007.516.7230-NOV-21595.20 NA
5Equity-DiversifiedBOI AXA Bluechip Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2211.4100N.A14.21N.AN.A NA
6Equity-DiversifiedBOI AXA Bluechip Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2211.3100N.A13.2130-NOV-211219.01 NA
7Equity-DiversifiedBOI AXA Large and Mid Cap Equity Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2263.430032.8315.47N.AN.A NA
8Equity-DiversifiedBOI AXA Large and Mid Cap Equity Fund - Eco Plan10-JAN-2261.7300N.AN.A31-DEC-12567.70 NA
9Equity-DiversifiedBOI AXA Large and Mid Cap Equity Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2257.3400N.AN.A30-NOV-212050.04 NA
10Equity-DiversifiedBOI AXA Mid and Small Cap Equity and Debt Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2225.780052.118.66N.AN.A NA
11Equity-DiversifiedBOI AXA Mid and Small Cap Equity and Debt Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2224.590050.817.6430-NOV-213511.41 NA
12Equity-DiversifiedBOI AXA Multi Cap Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2221.130046.8462.7N.AN.A NA
13Equity-DiversifiedBOI AXA Multi Cap Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2220.580044.4359.9230-NOV-211607.99 NA
14Equity-DiversifiedBOI AXA Small Cap Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2229.650070.442.91N.AN.A NA
15Equity-DiversifiedBOI AXA Small Cap Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2228.070067.6140.3630-NOV-211971.88 NA
16Equity-ELSSBOI AXA Midcap Tax Fund - Series 1 - Direct Plan10-JAN-2218.940047.4217.92N.AN.A NA
17Equity-ELSSBOI AXA Midcap Tax Fund - Series 1 - Regular Plan10-JAN-2218.400046.6617.0830-NOV-21746.72 NA
18Equity-ELSSBOI AXA Midcap Tax Fund - Series 2 - Direct Plan10-JAN-2222.450043.2628.88N.AN.A NA
19Equity-ELSSBOI AXA Midcap Tax Fund - Series 2 - Regular Plan10-JAN-2221.710041.9927.5430-NOV-21570.95 NA
20Equity-ELSSBOI AXA Tax Advantage Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-22117.200039.0720.74N.AN.A NA
21Equity-ELSSBOI AXA Tax Advantage Fund - Eco Plan10-JAN-22112.1800N.AN.A31-DEC-12404.91 NA
22Equity-ELSSBOI AXA Tax Advantage Fund - Regular10-JAN-22104.6900N.AN.A30-NOV-215166.97 NA
23IncomeBOI AXA Credit Risk Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-224.40009.52-11.35N.AN.A NA
24IncomeBOI AXA Credit Risk Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-224.34009.21-11.5230-NOV-21734.95 NA
25IncomeBOI AXA Short Term Income Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2218.72003.314.32N.AN.A NA
26IncomeBOI AXA Short Term Income Fund - Regular10-JAN-2217.5000N.AN.A30-NOV-21298.37 NA
27IncomeBOI AXA Ultra Short Duration Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-222638.59003.377.64N.AN.A NA
28IncomeBOI AXA Ultra Short Duration Fund - Retail Plan10-JAN-222585.0400N.AN.A30-NOV-212051.29 NA
29LiquidBOI AXA Liquid Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-222429.52003.366.89N.AN.A NA
30LiquidBOI AXA Liquid Fund - Regular10-JAN-222409.4300N.AN.A30-NOV-215372.79 NA
31LiquidBOI AXA Overnight Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-221067.74003.283.41N.AN.A NA
32LiquidBOI AXA Overnight Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-221065.94003.23.3230-NOV-21162.27 NA
33MIPBOI AXA Conservative Hybrid Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2224.29009.237.33N.AN.A NA
34MIPBOI AXA Conservative Hybrid Fund - Eco Plan10-JAN-2223.8300N.AN.A31-DEC-1251.82 NA
35MIPBOI AXA Conservative Hybrid Fund - Regular Plan10-JAN-2223.2400N.AN.A30-NOV-21477.45 NA
36Sectoral-Infrastructure and ManufacturingBOI AXA Manufacturing and Infrastructure Fund10-JAN-2230.1700N.AN.A30-NOV-21673.79 NA
37Sectoral-Infrastructure and ManufacturingBOI AXA Manufacturing and Infrastructure Fund - Direct Plan10-JAN-2233.630051.2118.37N.AN.A NA
* - In Rs mn
** - Date of total assets
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