27 February, 2021 12:35 IST
Escorts Mutual Fund
CIO :Sanjay Arora
Address:Premises No. 2/90, First Floor, Block - P, Connaught Circus, New Delhi -110001
Phone:91 11 43587420 / 415    
Fax : 91 11 43587436
E-mail: help@escortsmutual.com
: http://www.escortsmutual.com
Fund Family Total Schemes:22
No. OBJ. Scheme NAV Date NAV Returns % Date** Total Assets*
Fund manager
1 Yr Inceptn
1BalancedQuant Balanced Fund26-FEB-21198.670043.9916.1630-SEP-2040.60 NA
2BalancedQuant Balanced Fund - Direct Plan26-FEB-21205.460045.1418.03N.AN.A NA
3BalancedQuant Opportunities Fund26-FEB-2180.160041.8511.1830-SEP-20131.95 NA
4BalancedQuant Opportunities Fund - Direct Plan26-FEB-2183.500044.1313.37N.AN.A NA
5Equity-DiversifiedQuant Growth Plan26-FEB-21285.130056.2118.2330-SEP-20657.82 NA
6Equity-DiversifiedQuant Growth Plan - Direct Plan26-FEB-21292.880058.221.48N.AN.A NA
7Equity-DiversifiedQuant High Yield Equity Plan26-FEB-2148.970030.3411.6530-SEP-2051.89 NA
8Equity-DiversifiedQuant High Yield Equity Plan - Direct Plan26-FEB-2150.040030.7519.31N.AN.A NA
9Equity-DiversifiedQuant Leading Sectors Fund26-FEB-2142.100037.9612.4530-SEP-2052.46 NA
10Equity-DiversifiedQuant Leading Sectors Fund - Direct Plan26-FEB-2143.210040.1918.96N.AN.A NA
11Equity-ELSSQuant Tax Plan26-FEB-21151.430063.8813.930-SEP-20166.41 NA
12Equity-ELSSQuant Tax Plan - Direct Plan26-FEB-21159.000067.0522.73N.AN.A NA
13GiltQuant Multi Asset Fund26-FEB-2152.380028.858.6730-SEP-2097.96 NA
14GiltQuant Multi Asset Fund - Direct Plan26-FEB-2152.410029.329.97N.AN.A NA
15IncomeQuant Income Bond26-FEB-2179.800085.429.6930-SEP-20485.79 NA
16IncomeQuant Income Bond - Direct Plan26-FEB-2181.830087.0211.36N.AN.A NA
17LiquidQuant Liquid Plan26-FEB-2132.31004.637.9630-SEP-20699.87 NA
18LiquidQuant Liquid Plan - Direct Plan26-FEB-2132.78004.997.74N.AN.A NA
19Sectoral-InfrastructureQuant Infrastructure Fund26-FEB-2112.780051.211.4630-SEP-2018.17 NA
20Sectoral-InfrastructureQuant Infrastructure Fund - Direct Plan26-FEB-2113.240052.7616.05N.AN.A NA
21Sectoral-PowerQuant Power and Energy Fund26-FEB-2138.600059.7411.5130-SEP-2018.55 NA
22Sectoral-PowerQuant Power and Energy Fund - Direct Plan26-FEB-2140.960061.0120.12N.AN.A NA
* - In Rs mn
** - Date of total assets
New Schemes
No New Schemes

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