17 February, 2019 22:10 IST
L&T Mutual Fund
Address:L&T House, Ballard Estate, P. O. Box No. 278, Mumbai - 400 001
Phone:91 22 66554000    
Fax : 91 22 66554002

: http://www.lntmf.com
Fund Family Total Schemes:75
No. OBJ. Scheme NAV Date NAV Returns % Date** Total Assets*
Fund manager
1 Yr Inceptn
1Equity-DiversifiedL&T Equity Fund21-JUN-1335.40007.7816.8530-APR-1322370.53 NA
2Equity-DiversifiedL&T Equity Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1335.5000N.A0N.AN.A NA
3Equity-DiversifiedL&T India Equity and Gold Fund21-JUN-1311.23008.265.0230-APR-13355.53 NA
4Equity-DiversifiedL&T India Equity and Gold Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1311.2700N.A0N.AN.A NA
5Equity-DiversifiedL&T India Large Cap Fund21-JUN-1312.22007.483.4930-APR-133221.74 NA
6Equity-DiversifiedL&T India Large Cap Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1312.2500N.A0N.AN.A NA
7Equity-DiversifiedL&T India Prudence Fund21-JUN-1311.080012.464.4130-APR-13293.14 NA
8Equity-DiversifiedL&T India Prudence Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1311.1100N.A0N.AN.A NA
9Equity-DiversifiedL&T India Special Situations Fund21-JUN-1320.080011.9710.7730-APR-136041.11 NA
10Equity-DiversifiedL&T India Special Situations Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1320.1400N.A0N.AN.A NA
11Equity-DiversifiedL&T India Value Fund21-JUN-1311.460012.584.0330-APR-13502.92 NA
12Equity-DiversifiedL&T India Value Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1311.4900N.A0N.AN.A NA
13Equity-DiversifiedL&T Midcap Fund21-JUN-1337.91005.2516.2430-APR-13492.19 NA
14Equity-DiversifiedL&T Midcap Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1338.0300N.A0N.AN.A NA
15Equity-ELSSL&T Long Term Advantage Fund - I21-JUN-1319.16003.6816.5830-APR-1317.44 NA
16Equity-ELSSL&T Tax Advantage Fund21-JUN-1321.99007.6611.2330-APR-1311250.47 NA
17Equity-ELSSL&T Tax Advantage Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1322.0400N.A0N.AN.A NA
18GiltL&T Gilt Fund21-JUN-1328.730016.78.3630-APR-13348.34 NA
19GiltL&T Gilt Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1328.7900N.A0N.AN.A NA
20IncomeL&T FMP - VII - March 880 D Plan A21-JUN-1310.3100N.A3.0130-APR-132274.79 NA
21IncomeL&T FMP - VII - March 880 D Plan A - Direct Plan21-JUN-1310.3100N.A3.07N.AN.A NA
22IncomeL&T Flexi Bond Fund21-JUN-1312.780012.553.65N.AN.A NA
23IncomeL&T Flexi Bond Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1312.8000N.A0N.AN.A NA
24IncomeL&T Floating Rate Fund21-JUN-1317.530010.037.3630-APR-139736.43 NA
25IncomeL&T Floating Rate Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1317.5400N.A.36N.AN.A NA
26IncomeL&T Income Opportunities Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1313.2800N.A0N.AN.A NA
27IncomeL&T Income Opportunities Fund - Institutional21-JUN-1313.26007.837.92N.AN.A NA
28IncomeL&T Low Duration Fund21-JUN-1310.65006.451.09N.AN.A NA
29IncomeL&T Low Duration Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1310.6500N.A.36N.AN.A NA
30IncomeL&T Short Term Income Fund21-JUN-1312.51009.789.1930-APR-131172.69 NA
31IncomeL&T Short Term Income Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1312.5300N.A.04N.AN.A NA
32IncomeL&T Short Term Opportunities Fund21-JUN-1311.510010.159.9430-APR-134438.69 NA
33IncomeL&T Short Term Opportunities Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1311.5200N.A.12N.AN.A NA
34IncomeL&T Triple Ace Scheme - Direct Plan21-JUN-1332.5300N.A0N.AN.A NA
35IncomeL&T Triple Ace Scheme - Regular21-JUN-1332.450012.07.0530-APR-131757.54 NA
36IncomeL&T Ultra Short Term Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1319.3800N.A.39N.AN.A NA
37IncomeL&T Ultra Short Term Fund - Institutional21-JUN-1319.36009.26.04N.AN.A NA
38IncomeL&T Ultra Short Term Fund - Regular21-JUN-1318.78008.428.230-APR-1311291.57 NA
39LiquidL&T Cash Fund23-JUN-131626.78008.937.67N.AN.A NA
40LiquidL&T Cash Fund - Direct Plan23-JUN-131626.8000N.A.62N.AN.A NA
41LiquidL&T Cash Fund - Institutional Plan23-JUN-131610.28008.637.5N.AN.A NA
42LiquidL&T Liquid Fund23-JUN-131011.6300N.AN.A31-MAR-02419.44 NA
43LiquidL&T Liquid Fund23-JUN-131640.80008.990N.AN.A NA
44LiquidL&T Liquid Fund - Direct Plan23-JUN-131640.9500N.A.65N.AN.A NA
45LiquidL&T Liquid Fund - Institutional Plus23-JUN-132394.91008.616.82N.AN.A NA
46MIPL&T MIP - Wealth Builder Fund21-JUN-1311.11007.476.2930-APR-13803.73 NA
47MIPL&T MIP - Wealth Builder Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-1311.1400N.A0N.AN.A NA
48MIPL&T Monthly Income Plan - Direct Plan21-JUN-1322.8100N.A0N.AN.A NA
49MIPL&T Monthly Income Plan - Regular21-JUN-1322.74007.768.6530-APR-13603.42 NA
50Sectoral-InfrastructureL&T Infrastructure Fund21-JUN-13 5.5200-4.99-10.6230-APR-13277.27 NA
51Sectoral-InfrastructureL&T Infrastructure Fund - Direct Plan21-JUN-13 5.5300N.A0N.AN.A NA
52L&T Arbitrage Opportunities FundN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
53L&T Arbitrage Opportunities Fund - Direct PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
54L&T Business Cycles FundN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
55L&T Business Cycles Fund - Direct PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
56L&T Emerging Businesses FundN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
57L&T Emerging Businesses Fund - Direct PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
58L&T FMP - Series XIV - Plan AN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
59L&T FMP - Series XIV - Plan A - Direct PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
60L&T FMP - Series XIV - Plan C - Direct PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
61L&T FMP - Series XIV - Plan C - Regular PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
62L&T FMP - Series XVI - Plan A - Direct PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
63L&T FMP - Series XVI - Plan A - Regular PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
64L&T FMP - Series XVII - Plan B - Direct PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
65L&T FMP - Series XVII - Plan B - Regular PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
66L&T FMP - Series XVII - Plan C - Direct PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
67L&T FMP - Series XVII - Plan C - Regular PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
68L&T FMP - Series XVIII - Plan A - Direct PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
69L&T FMP - Series XVIII - Plan A - Regular PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
70L&T FMP - Series XVIII - Plan B - 1229 Days - Direct PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
71L&T FMP - Series XVIII - Plan B - 1229 Days - Regular PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
72L&T Focused Equity Fund - Direct PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
73L&T Focused Equity Fund - Regular PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
74L&T Resurgent India Corporate Bond FundN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
75L&T Resurgent India Corporate Bond Fund - Direct PlanN.A 0.0000N.AN.AN.AN.A NA
* - In Rs mn
** - Date of total assets
New Schemes
L&T FMP - Series XVIII - Plan E - 1147 Days

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