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Transcript of Chat with Mr.Vijay Bhambwani, CEO , BSPLIndia.com. - 30th September 2002
[04:49:49 PM] => Myiris: Welcome to the live chat session
[04:50:21 PM] => Myiris: We are facing some technical problems and the chat will commence shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
[05:07:32 PM] => Myiris: Welcome to the live chat session.
[05:07:40 PM] => Myiris : Our guest today is Mr. Vijay Bhambwani, CEO, BSPLIndia.com.
[05:07:47 PM] => Mr. Mr. Vijay Bhambwani is the CEO of BSPLIndia.com. At the time of this conversation/chat, Mr. Bhambwani may or may not have positions in the stocks mentioned below, although holdings may change at any time. The views expressed by Mr. Bhambwani is based upon information that he considers reliable, but does not represent that it is accurate or complete, and it should not be relied upon as such. Mr. Bhambwani, his company and its affiliates, officers, directors, partners, and employees may, from time to time, have long or short positions in, buy or sell and deal as principal in the securities, or derivatives thereof, of companies mentioned herein and may take positions inconsistent with the views expressed.
[05:07:59 PM] => None of the information contained herein constitutes, or is intended to constitute a recommendation of any particular security or trading strategy or a determination that any security or trading strategy is suitable for any specific person. To the extent any of the information contained herein may be deemed to be investment advice, such information is impersonal and not tailored to the investment needs of any specific person. You should consult with and rely upon your own advisors whether and how to use such information in making any investment decision.
[05:08:10 PM] => Lastly the views expressed by Mr. Bhambwani have no bearing whatsoever with that of IRIS Ltd. IRIS does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of any information and is not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of such information. IRIS especially states that it has no financial liability whatsoever to any user on account of the use of information provided on its website www.myiris.com.
[05:08:17 PM] => Myiris: Welcome to the chat session, Mr. Bhambwani.
[05:11:00 PM] => Abhayh : Today the market is getting bad and I am confused where to invest.
[05:11:09 PM] => VB : He can stick to the oil and gas sector, in the exploration rather than refining, i.e; stocks like Gujarat Gas, Reliance Industries.
[05:12:11 PM] => Nissarulhaque : What are the future prospects of Hughes Tele.com on long term ?
[05:12:19 PM] => VB: This will be an underperformer and the gestation period will be very high. If your time frame is 2-3 years, you can hold on.
[05:12:44 PM] => Chockalingam : Can I sell my investment in Silverline share?
[05:12:50 PM] => VB : The faster the better.
[05:13:46 PM] => Kagulani : What are the safe investments with good returns.
[05:13:54 PM] => VB : I would look at Reliance Industries, IPCL, Gujarat Gas and Titan Industries.
[05:14:36 PM] => Rejijoe : Whats the outlook on the market in the short-term?
[05:14:43 PM] => VB : Bearish in the short-run, with a downside upto 5-8 per cent.
[05:15:23 PM] => Chandrika : How do you see the quarterly results of technology companies?
[05:15:30 PM] => VB : Margins will be under pressure, squeeze on billing rates and falling dollar to affect forex income.
[05:15:50 PM] => Raghuvanshi : Is there a recovery in sight?
[05:15:56 PM] => VB : Not in the near-term.
[05:16:32 PM] => Kumar_P : Will the upsides in ICICI Bank sustain?
[05:16:39 PM] => VB : In the short-term, yes. The stock can go upto Rs 165-170.
[05:17:21 PM] => Kumar_P : Does banking sector as a whole look attractive?
[05:17:28 PM] => VB : Not the PSU banks. Of the private banks, I would like ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank in that order.
[05:18:05 PM] => Manjo : How~Rs CMC looking?
[05:18:12 PM] => VB : They may be upsides of 5-10 per cent left, where profit taking can come in.
[05:18:49 PM] => investin : Your view on media stocks? Which one would you recommend?
[05:18:56 PM] => VB : Media stocks are high-risk, and therefore we don not recommend any.
[05:19:32 PM] => Raman_T : Hello Sir, What~Rs your opinion on e-Serve International?
[05:19:39 PM] => VB : e- Serve is a good buy and hold stock for at least the next 3-4 quarters.
[05:20:18 PM] => Suhas : Which stocks look good short-term?
[05:20:24 PM] => VB : I would avoid buying anything for the next week or two.
[05:21:45 PM] => Anirudh : Are SSI and NIIT good long-term buys?
[05:21:51 PM] => VB : There~Rs still a downside 15-20 per cent before you start bottom-fishing in these counters.
[05:32:20 PM] => Sonali_18 : Where do u think the index is headed now?
[05:32:28 PM] => VB : The BSE Sensex may be headed for 2850, and the Nifty may be headed for 910.
[05:34:01 PM] => nileshshah11 : Do u think Infosys is a good buy? what tech stocks are good for the long term?
[05:34:10 PM] => VB : I expect Infosys to fall after the results. For the long-run, accumulate Polaris, I-flex, Infosys and e-Serve on declines.
[05:35:22 PM] => nileshshah11 : How do u determine at what price one should buy a stock?
[05:35:30 PM] => VB : I use technical analysis for buy and sell decisions, one may also use fundamentals.
[05:36:46 PM] => nileshshah11 : What do u mean by declines?
[05:37:03 PM] => VB : Falls of more than 10 per cent.
[05:38:51 PM] => Sonali_18 : You think it will good to buy at the levels u talk? what about pharma companies ?
[05:38:58 PM] => VB : You may start nibbling at counters at the above levels. As for pharma companies they~Rl lremain a defensive bet, especially MNC counters.
[05:39:53 PM] => nileshshah11 : I am not very good at finance .. is there a simple way I can use to buy a stock?
[05:40:01 PM] => VB : Hire me for a fee!!
[05:41:33 PM] => rbsridhar : Sir, i have 2000 shares of karnataka bank @ Rs. 140, shall i come out pre-bonus or stay invested till i get the bonus and rights. kindly advice me.
[05:41:40 PM] => VB : It would be prudent to wait for the bonus and rights issue.
[05:57:15 PM] => b.sridhar : I have 2000 ktk bank @140.shall i hold and get the bonus and rights. or shall i come out, at which level i should expect pre-bonus. thanking you
[05:57:24 PM] => VB : Look forward to an upside of 10-12 per cent.
[05:59:55 PM] => Amit : I hold 500 shares of penta at 24.50 and what to sell it ,when should i do it..?
[06:00:10 PM] => VB : Tomorrow morning at 9.55 AM!!
[06:02:15 PM] => Hema : should i keep my shares of uti or sell them of
[06:02:24 PM] => VB : Please sell.
[06:04:08 PM] => Amit : its for pentasoft tech
[06:04:15 PM] => VB : Please sell.
[06:06:25 PM] => Amit : They have announce bonus @ 5 : 1 and the record date is 16-oct-02
[06:06:33 PM] => VB : Please sell.
[06:07:28 PM] => Amit : what about HPCL share disposal at what rate..?
[06:07:36 PM] => VB : Please sell above Rs 185-190.
[06:09:19 PM] => Amit : which shares do you recommend to buy now and at what rates.... okay i will sale pentasoft tomorrow...
[06:09:31 PM] => VB : Buy put options on the Nifty at a strike of 940-950.
[06:10:33 PM] => gautman_90 : what kind of fees do u charge?
[06:10:41 PM] => VB : Please contact me at vijay@bsplindia.com
[06:12:45 PM] => rakeskish : i have always been curious .. since u brokers seem to know so much abt stocks .. do u make a lot of money on our own or is this advice just so that u can make money?
[06:12:58 PM] => VB : I am an analyst not a broker. Therefore would take an unbiased view about making money either on your funds or mine.
[06:14:57 PM] => vikram_1001 : i have not bought derivatives .. how do i buy them ,. & what do they mean?
[06:15:05 PM] => VB : Derivatives are hedging/forward trading instruments and there are a variety of contracts you can enter into. This is not the right forum to get into details.
[06:16:31 PM] => patnaikar : what is the fate of Zee shares and at what rate one should deal? I dont know much about Nifty index please tell me as per bse index...
[06:16:38 PM] => VB : Zee is a good sell anytime above Rs 100.
[06:18:49 PM] => Myiris : That~Rs the end of the chat session for today.
[06:18:55 PM] => Myiris : Thank you all for logging in.
[06:19:09 PM] => Myiris : We thank Vijay Bhambwani for his time and inputs.
[06:19:16 PM] => Myiris : We~Rll be back with more at myiris.com chatmasala.
[06:19:22 PM] => Myiris : Till then its bye from us.
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